Life is always up and down and it is not either healthy or sick. Most of the time we live between the extremes, you can say, between life and death. Humans need motion and challenging tasks to feel comfortable and to to develop themselves physically and mentally.

But what form of physical exercise is right for me? Spinning, Zumba, aerobics and stuff like this? Or rather yoga?

Maybe it`s something new, something different. A workout that combines element of strength, core and coordination training with the feeling of surfing and lot`s of fun! Prevention with fun factor! With the SENSOMOVE lessons you stay healthy and fit, optimize your posture and increase your strength and balance abilities.

Back to the roots

The awareness of the unity of body and mind is the key to a healthy feeling, which protects you against lifestyle diseases such as burnout, herniated discs, etc. . To achieve this we need to use all the skills Mother Nature has given to us along the way. Senses, reflexes, instincts and genetically rooted patterns of behavior.