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(set of elastics: control black, deck plate surface: Griptape black)

The SENSOBOARD essential is the basic model. The surfaces are not treated with oil so you should keep it dry and only use it inside. On the standing surface griptape is used like on skateboard decks.

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The SENSOCHAIR. With the patented system sitting is an experience. Postural problems are a thing of the past!

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(set of elastics: control black, deck plate surface: EVA Footpad black)


The SENSOBOARD is a brandnew training device for balance and neuromuscular issues. It allows movements with 5 degrees of freedom that are quite similar to riding a surfboard or snowboard for example. Beside this training on the SENSOBOARD increases the strength of the muscles used while exercising and helps to prevent injuries. The reflexes of your muscles have to work really strong and your sensorimotor control improves with a regular training on the SENSOBOARD.

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